‘In the Heights’ sets stage for high expectations – PCC Courier

In the weeks leading up to the production, darkness enveloped anyone who entered the Sexson Auditorium. It is quiet, one’s own footsteps could be heard reverberating throughout the room. Even so, the stage is lit; the only signs of life come from the men knocking away at an incomplete set, and a few actors rehearsing diligently while the director oversees. This is what the play “In the Heights” started as: a director with an aspiration and determination, and students both familiar and not famil

How feminism empowers heterosexual relationships – PCC Courier

Eric Haynes/Courier Women stand with signs protesting the patriarchy at the International Women's Day March outside of the Federal Building in Downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 8. “I do not wish [women] to have power over men; but over themselves.” As influential feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft once wrote, the ideals women really have when they advocate for feminism is the power to be themselves and make their own choices, not to dominate or emasculate men. Wollstonecraft and other

Police Blotter: Person found asleep while taking a shower in the GM-building – PCC Courier

A hit and run was reported in Lot 4. A counselor had her cellphone and pencil case stolen from her desk. Students were playing loud music and disturbing the peace in GM-105. They were advised to turn it down. An unauthorized vendor was seen in the Galloway Plaza and was escorted off campus. Another unauthorized vendor was seen north of the Amphitheater and was also escorted off campus. A student reported their bag was stolen from the bookstore, but found it. Graffiti was reported in the fi